Bridge LCS

Whether your logistics business is a small, mid-level, or even a large-sized company, Bridge LCS freight forwarding software latest features automate all operations related to freight forwarding, customs clearance, road transportation, and air cargo. Use it easily either from a mobile app or from a desktop. The software can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

The Smart
Logistics Management Software

Bridge LCS is a logistics and freight forwarding software platform integrated with advanced IT management software that helps logistics companies, freight forwarders, custom clearance and Transporters streamline financial management and shipment processes.


Take care of the Leads

Our best freight forwarding software is designed to help manage all the Freight and logistics sales,marketing and financial management.


Control the job execution

Manage and control all jobs through a simple user interface, including sending an email, uploading documents, replicating and even more. And also updating with more features in the future.


Integrated Accounts System

By leveraging our cutting-edge IT management software The IAS applied accounting structured for logistics interconnecting every aspect of operations and financial management.

Take care of the
Leads at ease

Update the sales visits and prospects contact lists. Generate Leads and Create Enquiry. Create followups and set Reminders to contact. Issue Quotation, Revise, Confirm and Convert to Job.

Control the
Job execution

Open New Shipment or Continue with Converted Quotation. Update the Documentation to the file. Update the shipment status. Take notes, set reminders, follow ups and notify clients Print Waybills and Delivery Notes.

Shipment wise costing and
Billing methodology

View shipment details and track container movements. Control Financial Management through financial statements invoices and settlement logs

The perfect
Decision making reports

Job Reports to know the pending and completed Track the Un billed and unclosed shipments Container, Customs and Port Reports Service wise revenue Calculation Salesman vise data analyses Tons of more reports to experience.

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Optimize financial management and logistics with our innovative Saas solution!!

Bridge LCS, integrating cutting-edge IT management software, revolutionizes the logistics industry through a cloud-based software solution that centralizes logistics operations, financial management, and logistics infrastructure, resulting in unparalleled efficiency and enhanced business outcomes.