Forge Pilot

Privacy Policy

Forge Pilot is a mobile application for server management and application deployment service. You agree to this privacy policy, which applies to using this third-party app. We reserve the right to modify this policy without prior notice.

Collection and Use of Personal Information:

Please note that the Forge token obtained from the Forge Laravel web application is used for login purposes. Beyond that Forge Pilot does not store any of your personal information within the mobile app or anywhere else.

Deployment Notification

Notification deployments exclusively rely on FCM token and Forge API token for sending notifications to mobile devices. These notifications operate solely to FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging), with no additional data captured beyond the webhook trigger for deployment notifications.

Similarly, mobile notifications triggered during deployments via the Mobile app / Web app are facilitated solely to FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging), without capturing any extra data beyond the webhook trigger for deployment notifications.


Making the Logout from the Forge Pilot will completely remove the API token from your mobile app.

Please note making Logout will not remove the Deployment notification webhook from the Forge. But still, you can delete the deployment notification webhook from the Forge web application itself.


We take measures to protect your information securely.

We value your privacy and will not share your information without legal obligation.